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Compression Mould Clamping PlateFlat Tooth
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MOQ: 1000 piece
Delivery Time: 20 days after deposite
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Mould clamping plate made from quality S45C carbon steel, through technologies of quenching and temptering, the full body hardness from HRC35-40.
Outsurface is rustproof after bluing or plating.                                                                                         
China manufacturer of mould clamp plate making mould claming ficture of 45 # medium carbon steel and chrome steel 40CR.
After high temperature heating and hammering itself hardness can reach above 30HRC hardness.


Then the plane and long slot are machined with universal milling machine to reach 3.2 surface finish.
And the parallelism and flatness of the pressure plate are not more than 0.02mm.
After heat treatment and quenching, the 35HRC to 40HRC meets the requirements of JB.
Finally, the surface blackening or bluish treatment is done to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.

Flat  type, Size:M10x75,M12X115,M14X125,M16X140,M18X155,M20x172,M24X200,M30x250.


SURFACE FINISHING: The surface has been antirust, blue or black or true color, or address any color according to your preferences


APPLICATION:This clamping widely used in injection rubber plastic machines and metal Stamping machines to fix the mould or die with the working machine body.The high quality abrasive fixture can ensure that the mould does not shift and do not vibrate in the production process, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the scrap rate and improves the working efficiency. Make output products a more beautiful appearance. Sdmp stock enough inventories welcome your inquiries and order. OEM and ODM all are available for us if you can no find satisfy ones.